Installing a workflow

Workflow .cpw files can be installed on a Workbench using the workflow manager:

        Help | Manage Workflows (Image WorkflowManage_16_n_p)

or press the "Workflows" button (Image workflows_16_n_p) in the toolbar and then select "Manage Workflow..." (Image WorkflowManage_16_n_p).

To install a workflow, click on Install from File and select a .cpw file. If the workflow has bundled data, you will be prompted for a location for that data. Once installed, the workflow will appear under the Installed Workflows tab (figure 10.41).

Image workflow_need_configuration_wb
Figure 10.41: Workflows available in the workflow manager. Note the alert on the "Variant detection" workflow, that means that this workflow needs to be updated.

When installing the workflow on a different system to the one where it was created, the connection to the reference data (not the bundle data) needs to be re-established. This is only possible when the parameter is unlocked (which it usually is by default).