Data structure

The data in the Navigation Area is organized into a number of Locations. When the CLC Genomics Workbench is started for the first time, there will be a location called CLC_Data (unless your computer administrator has configured the installation otherwise).

A Workbench data location represents a folder on the computer: The data shown under a Workbench location in the Navigation Area is stored on the computer, in the folder the location points to.

This is explained visually in figure 3.2. The full path to the system folder can be seen by mousing over the data location folder icon as shown in figure 3.3.

Image locationsexplained
Figure 3.2: In this example the location called "CLC_Data" points to the folder at C:\Users\<username>\CLC_Data.

Image locationpathexplained
Figure 3.3: Mousing over the location called 'CLC_Data' shows the full path to the system folder, which in this case is C:\Users\<username>\CLC_Data.

Data held on a CLC Server

If you have logged into a CLC Server from your Workbench, then data stored on the CLC Server will also be listed in the Workbench Navigation Area, as illustrated in figure 3.4.

Image servernavigationarea
Figure 3.4: Data areas on the CLC Server are highlighted with blue square icons in the Navigation Area.