Selecting parts of the sequence

You can select parts of a sequence:

        Click Selection (Image selection) in Toolbar | Press and hold down the mouse button on the sequence where you want the selection to start | move the mouse to the end of the selection while holding the button | release the mouse button

Alternatively, you can search for a specific interval using the find function described in Find.

If you have made a selection and wish to adjust it:

        drag the edge of the selection (you can see the mouse cursor change to a horizontal arrow

   or  press and hold the Shift key while using the right and left arrow keys to adjust the right side of the selection.

If you wish to select the entire sequence:

        double-click the sequence name to the left

Selecting several parts at the same time (multiselect)

You can select several parts of sequence by holding down the Ctrl button while making selections. Holding down the Shift button lets you extend or reduce an existing selection to the position you clicked.

To select a part of a sequence covered by an annotation:

        right-click the annotation | Select annotation

   or  double-click the annotation

To select a fragment between two restriction sites that are shown on the sequence:

        double-click the sequence between the two restriction sites

(Read more about how to display restriction restriction sites.)

Open a selection in a new view

A selection can be opened in a new view and saved as a new sequence:

        right-click the selection | Open selection in New View (Image open_selection_in_new_view)

This opens the annotated part of the sequence in a new view. The new sequence can be saved by dragging the tab of the sequence view into the Navigation Area.

The process described above is also the way to manually translate coding parts of sequences (CDS) into protein. You simply translate the new sequence into protein. This is done by:

        right-click the tab of the new sequence | Toolbox | Classical Sequence Analysis (Image gene_and_protein_analysis) | Nucleotide Analysis (Image nucleotideanalyses)| Translate to Protein (Image translate)

A selection can also be copied to the clipboard and pasted into another program:

        make a selection | Ctrl + C (Image command_key_web + C on Mac)

Note! The annotations covering the selection will not be copied.

A selection of a sequence can be edited as described in Editing the sequence.