Annotate with nearby gene information

This tool will create a copy of the annotation track (Image annotation_track_16_n_p) used as input and add information about nearby genes.

        Toolbox | Epigenomics Analysis (Image epigenomics) | Annotate with Nearby Gene Information (Image annotate_w_nearby_gene_16_n_p)

First, select the track you wish to annotate and click Next. The tool was designed for ChIP-Seq analysis, but you can choose any kind of annotation track as input. Next, select a gene track with a compatible genome (figure 31.9).

Image annotate_nearby_gene_information_w1
Figure 31.9: Select gene track.

The result of this tool is a new annotation track with all the annotations from the input track and with additional information about nearby genes and four columns will be added to the table view:

Image annotate_nearby_gene_info_chippeak
Figure 31.10: The figure is a split view between a table view and a track list showing the gene annotation track, the ChIP-Seq reads, and the annotated ChIP peaks.The red arrows and numbers illustrate the 5' distance and 3' distance.