Export a Custom Data Set

It is possible to export custom data set (figure 8.14). The export format is *cpc, and can be imported by anyone who has installed a workbench (even in Viewing Mode only).

Image exportcdc
Figure 8.14: Exporting a custom data set from the Custom Sets tab. In this example, we are exporting 7 roles, as well as data for three of them .

Exporting a custom data set will export the different roles that are included in the data set. The export function can also export the data associated to the role, but it not always necessary. When the Reference Data Type is set to:

When the export check box is unchecked, only the role will be exported. If the box is checked, the data associated with the role will also be exported. That way, it is possible to create small export files that only contain roles and custom elements, while the elements that are available in the QIAGEN Reference Sets list can be downloaded by the recipient of the exported file.