View settings for the Side Panel

The Side Panel is shown to the right of all views that are opened in the View Area. Settings are specific to the type of view. Hence, when you save settings of a circular view, they will not be available if you open the sequence in a linear view (see Side Panel).

The options for saving and applying are available at the bottom of the Side Panel (see figure 4.11).

Image topviewpreferences
Figure 4.11: Functionalities found at the bottom of the Side Panel.

Opening a view type (e.g., a circular sequence, a variant table, or a PCA) for the first time will display the element using the CLC Standard Settings for that type of view. You can then adjust the settings using all the options available to you in the side panel. When you have adjusted a view to your preference, the new settings can be saved (see figure 4.12).

Image savesettingsdialog
Figure 4.12: Functionalities found at the bottom of the Side Panel.

Saving can be done two ways. Write a name for the particular settings you just set, and choose to save:

Similarly, applying can be done two ways:

"General" settings can be shared and imported with other workbench users using the Export and Import buttons at the bottom of the dialog. Exporting and importing saved settings can also be done in the Preferences dialog under the View tab (see Import and export Side Panel settings).

It is possible to remove a saved setting using the saved settings list from the drop-down menu and clicking Remove.