History and Elements Info views

The two buttons to the right hand side of the toolbar are Show History (Image history_16_n_p) and Show Element Info (Image element_info_16_n_p).

The History view is a textual log of all operations you make in the program. If for example you rename a sequence, align sequences, create a phylogenetic tree or translate a sequence, you can always go back and check what you have done. In this way, you are able to document and reproduce previous operations.

When an element's history is opened, the newest change is submitted in the top of the view (figure 2.4).

Image objecthistory
Figure 2.4: An element's history.

The following information is available:

When an element's info is open you can check current information about the element, and in particular the potential association of the data you are looking at with metadata. To learn more about the Show Element Info (Image element_info_16_n_p) button, see Element information and see Viewing metadata associations.