Track lists

For details on how to find and import different tracks see Import tracks. Tracks are saved as files in the Navigation Area with specific icons representing each track type, e.g. an annotation track (Image annotation_track_16_n_p).

To visualize several tracks together, they can be combined into a Track List (Image trackset_16_n_p). Track lists can be created in different ways. One way is via the menu bar:

        File | New | Track List (Image trackset_16_n_p)

Another way is to use the Track Tool Create Track List (Image create_tracklist_16_h_p). Finally, tracks can be created directly using the button labeled Create Track List that is found in the top right corner of the open track in the view area. Figure 23.8 shows an example of a track list including a track with mapped reads at the top, followed by a variant detection track, and in the lower part of the figure, the reference sequence with CDS annotations.

Image genomebrowser1
Figure 23.8: Three tracks shown in the track list view

The track list is designed to be used as a container for multiple tracks for easy visualization and comparative analysis. Therefore all the involved tracks and the track list are required to be present and located in one single location (Workbench or CLC Server). Otherwise, they will be marked as "Unresolved track" in the track list.