If you are working on a project and have arranged the views for this project, you can save this arrangement using Workspaces. A Workspace remembers the way you have arranged the views, and you can switch between different workspaces.

The Navigation Area always contains the same data across workspaces. It is, however, possible to open different folders in the different workspaces. Consequently, the program allows you to display different clusters of the data in separate workspaces.

All workspaces are automatically saved when closing down CLC Genomics Workbench. The next time you run the program, the workspaces are reopened exactly as you left them.

Note! It is not possible to run more than one version of CLC Genomics Workbench at a time. Use two or more workspaces instead.

Create Workspace

When working with large amounts of data, it might be a good idea to split the work into two or more workspaces. As default the CLC Genomics Workbench opens one workspace. Additional workspaces are created in the following way:

        Workspace in the Menu Bar | Create Workspace | enter name of Workspace | OK

Initially, the folders of the Navigation Area are collapsed and the View Area is empty and ready to work with.

Select Workspace

When there is more than one workspace in the CLC Genomics Workbench, there are two ways to switch between them:

        Workspace (Image select_workspace) in the Toolbar | Select the Workspace to activate

   or  Workspace in the Menu Bar | Select Workspace (Image select_workspace) | choose which Workspace to activate | OK

Delete Workspace

Deleting a workspace can be done in the following way:

        Workspace in the Menu Bar | Delete Workspace | choose which Workspace to delete | OK

Note! Be careful to select the right Workspace when deleting. The delete action cannot be undone. (However, no data is lost, because a workspace is only a representation of data.)

It is not possible to delete the default workspace.