Sequence settings in Side Panel

Each view of a sequence has a Side Panel located at the right side of the view (see figure 11.1.

Image sidepaneloverview
Figure 11.1: Overview of the Side Panel which is always shown to the right of a view.

When you make changes in the Side Panel the view of the sequence is instantly updated. To show or hide the Side Panel:

        select the View | Ctrl + U

   or  Click the (Image hide_sidepanel) at the top right corner of the Side Panel to hide | Click the (Image sidepanel_left_16_n_p) to the right to show

Below, each group of settings will be explained. Some of the preferences are not the same for nucleotide and protein sequences, but the differences will be explained for each group of settings.

Note! When you make changes to the settings in the Side Panel, they are not automatically saved when you save the sequence. Click Save/restore Settings (Image saverestoreprefs) to save the settings (see View settings for the Side Panel for more information).