Zoom Out

It is possible to zoom out, step by step, on a sequence:

        Click Zoom Out (Image zoom_out) in the toolbar | click in the view until you reach a satisfying zoomlevel.

   or  Press '-' on your keyboard

The last option for zooming out is only available if you have a mouse with a scroll wheel:

   or  Press and hold Ctrl (Image command_key_web on Mac) | Move the scroll wheel on your mouse backwards

When you choose the Zoom Out mode, the mouse pointer changes to a magnifying glass to reflect the mouse mode.

Note! You might have to click in the view before you can use the keyboard or the scroll wheel to zoom.

If you want to get a quick overview of a sequence or a tree, use the Fit Width function instead of the Zoom Out function.

If you press Shift while clicking in a View, the zoom function is reversed. Hence, clicking on a sequence in this way while the Zoom Out mode toolbar item is selected, zooms in instead of zooming out.