CLC Sequence Viewer vs. Workbenches

The advanced analyses of the commercial workbenches, CLC Genomics Workbench and CLC Main Workbench are not present in CLC Sequence Viewer. Likewise, some advanced analyses are available in CLC Genomics Workbench but not in CLC Main Workbench. All types of basic and advanced analyses are available in CLC Genomics Workbench.

However, the output of the commercial workbenches can be viewed in all other workbenches. This allows you to share the result of your advanced analyses from e.g. CLC Main Workbench, with people working with e.g. CLC Sequence Viewer. They will be able to view the results of your analyses, but not redo the analyses.

The CLC Workbenches and the CLC Sequence Viewer are developed for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. Data can be exported/imported between the different platforms in the same easy way as when exporting/importing between two computers with e.g. Windows.