Export/import of preferences

The user preferences of the CLC Genomics Workbench can be exported to other users of the program, allowing other users to display data with the same preferences as yours. You can also use the export/import preferences function to backup your preferences.

To export preferences, open the Preferences dialog (Ctrl + K (Image command_key_web + ; on Mac)) and do the following:

        Export | Select the relevant preferences | Export | Choose location for the exported file | Enter name of file | Save

Note! The format of exported preferences is .cpf. This notation must be submitted to the name of the exported file in order for the exported file to work.

Before exporting, you are asked about which of the different settings you want to include in the exported file. One of the items in the list is "User Defined View Settings". If you export this, only the information about which of the settings is the default setting for each view is exported. If you wish to export the Side Panel Settings themselves, see Import and export of Side Panel settings.

The process of importing preferences is similar to exporting:

        Press Ctrl + K (Image command_key_web + ; on Mac) to open Preferences | Import | Browse to and select the .cpf file | Import and apply preferences