BLAST table

In addition to the graphical display of a BLAST result, it is possible to view the BLAST results in a tabular view. In the tabular view, one can get a quick and fast overview of the results. Here you can also select multiple sequences and download or open all of these in one single step. Moreover, there is a link from each sequence to the sequence at NCBI. These possibilities are either available through a right-click with the mouse or by using the buttons below the table.

If the BLAST table view was not selected in Step 4 of the BLAST search, the table can be shown in the following way:

        Click the Show BLAST Table button (Image table) at the bottom of the view

Figure 12.10 is an example of a BLAST Table.

Image blastopenstructure
Figure 12.10: Display of the output of a BLAST search in the tabular view. The hits can be sorted by the different columns, simply by clicking the column heading.

The BLAST Table includes the following information:

In the BLAST table view you can handle the hit sequences. Select one or more sequences from the table, and apply one of the following functions.

You can do a text-based search in the information in the BLAST table by using the filter at the upper right part of the view. In this way you can search for e.g. species or other information which is typically included in the "Description" field.

The table is integrated with the graphical view so that selecting a hit in the table will make a selection on the corresponding sequence in the graphical view.