Table of restriction fragments

The restriction map can be shown as a table of fragments produced by cutting the sequence with the enzymes:

        Click the Fragments button (Image restriction_fragment_table) at the bottom of the view

The table is shown in see figure 19.47.

Image restrictionfragmenttable
Figure 19.47: The result of the restriction analysis shown as annotations.

Each row in the table represents a fragment. If more than one enzyme cuts in the same region, or if an enzyme's recognition site is cut by another enzyme, there will be a fragment for each of the possible cut combinations 19.6. The following information is available for each fragment.

If views of both the fragment table and the sequence are open, clicking in the fragment table will select the corresponding region on the sequence.


... combinations19.6
Furthermore, if this is the case, you will see the names of the other enzymes in the Conflicting Enzymes column