Scatter plot view of an experiment

At the bottom of the experiment table, you can switch between different views of the experiment (see figure 27.59).

Image experiment_editors
Figure 27.59: An experiment can be viewed in several ways.

One of the views is the Scatter Plot (Image scatterplot). The scatter plot can be adjusted to show e.g. the group means for two groups (see more about how to adjust this below).

An example of a scatter plot is shown in figure 27.60.

Image scatterplotview
Figure 27.60: A scatter plot of group means for two groups (transformed expression values).

In the Side Panel to the left, there are a number of options to adjust this view. Under Graph preferences, you can adjust the general properties of the scatter plot:

Below the general preferences, you find the Dot properties preferences, where you can adjust coloring and appearance of the dots:

Finally, the group at the bottom - Columns to compare - is where you choose the values to be plotted. Per default for a two-group experiment, the group means are used.

Note that if you wish to use the same settings next time you open a scatter plot, you need to save the settings of the Side Panel.