BLAST graphics

The BLAST editor shows the sequences hits which were found in the BLAST search. The hit sequences are represented by colored horizontal lines, and when hovering the mouse pointer over a BLAST hit sequence, a tooltip appears, listing the characteristics of the sequence. As default, the query sequence is fitted to the window width, but it is possible to zoom in the windows and see the actual sequence alignments returned from the BLAST server.

There are several settings available in the BLAST Graphics view.

The remaining View preferences for BLAST Graphics are the same as those of alignments. See section Alignment view preferences.

Some of the information available in the tooltips is:

The numbers of the query and subject sequences refer to the sequence positions in the submitted and found sequences. If the subject sequence has number 59 in front of the sequence, this means that 58 residues are found upstream of this position, but these are not included in the alignment.

By right clicking the sequence name in the Graphical BLAST output it is possible to download the full hits sequence from NCBI with accompanying annotations and information. It is also possible to just open the actual hit sequence in a new view.