Side Panel

The Side Panel allows you to change the way the contents of a view are displayed. The options in the Side Panel depend on the kind of data in the view, and they are described in the relevant sections about sequences, alignments, trees etc.

Side Panel are activated in this way:

        select the view | Ctrl + U (Image command_key_web + U on Mac)

   or  right-click the tab of the view | View | Show/Hide Side Panel (Image show_view_prefs)

Note! Changes made to the Side Panel will not be saved when you save the view. See how to save the changes in the Side Panel in User Preferences.

The Side Panel consists of a number of groups of preferences (depending on the kind of data being viewed), which can be expanded and collapsed by clicking the header of the group. You can also expand or collapse all the groups by clicking the icons (Image expandall)/ (Image collapseall) at the top.