Editing the sequence

When you make a selection, it can be edited by:

        right-click the selection | Edit Selection (Image edit_selection)

A dialog appears displaying the sequence. You can add, remove or change the text and click OK. The original selected part of the sequence is now replaced by the sequence entered in the dialog. This dialog also allows you to paste text into the sequence using Ctrl + V (Image command_key_web + V on Mac).

If you delete the text in the dialog and press OK, the selected text on the sequence will also be deleted. Another way to delete a part of the sequence is to:

        right-click the selection | Delete Selection (Image delete_selection)

If you wish to only correct only one residue, this is possible by simply making the selection only cover one residue and then type the new residue. Another way to edit the sequence is by inserting a restriction site. See Insert restriction site before/after selection.