Show enzymes with compatible ends

Besides what is described in Manage enzymes and Show enzymes cutting inside/outside a selection, there is a third way of adding enzymes to the Side Panel and thereby displaying them on the sequence. It is based on the overhang produced by cutting with an enzyme and will find enzymes producing a compatible overhang:

        right-click the restriction site | Show Enzymes with Compatible Ends (Image restrictionsites_sort_overhang)

This will display the dialog shown in figure 19.39.

Image compatibleends-web
Figure 19.39: Enzymes with compatible ends.

At the top you can choose whether the enzymes considered should have an exact match or not. Since a number of restriction enzymes have ambiguous cut patterns, there will be variations in the resulting overhangs. Choosing All matches, you cannot be 100% sure that the overhang will match, and you will need to inspect the sequence further afterwards.

We advice trying Exact match first, and use All matches as an alternative if a satisfactory result cannot be achieved.

At the bottom of the dialog, the list of enzymes producing compatible overhangs is shown. Use the arrows to add enzymes which will be displayed on the sequence which you press Finish.

When you have added the relevant enzymes, click Finish, and the enzymes will be added to the Side Panel and their cut sites displayed on the sequence.