Importing structure files

In order to view the three dimensional structure files there are different ways to import these. The supported file formats are PDB and mmCIF which both can be downloaded from the Protein DataBank ( and imported through the import menu (see Import of bioinformatic data).

Another way to import structure files is if a structure file is found through a direct search at the GenBank structure database ( Read more about search for structures.

It is also possible to make a BLAST search against the PDB database. In the latter case, structure files can be directly downloaded to the navigation area by clicking the Open structure button below all the BLAST hits. Downloading structure files from a conducted BLAST search is only possible if the results are shown in a BLAST table. (See figure 13.1). How to conduct a BLAST search can be seen in BLAST search.

Image blastopenstructure
Figure 13.1: It is possible to open a structure file directly from the output of a conducted BLAST search by clicking the Open Structure button.