Data export

CLC Genomics Workbench can export bioinformatic data in most of the formats that can be imported. There are a few exceptions. See Import of bioinformatic data.

To export a file:

        select the element to export | Export (Image export) | choose where to export to | select 'File of type' | enter name of file | Save

When exporting to CSV and tab delimited files, decimal numbers are formatted according to the Locale setting of the Workbench (see General preferences). If you open the CSV or tab delimited file with spreadsheet software like Excel, you should make sure that both the Workbench and the spreadsheet software are using the same Locale.

Note! The Export dialog decides which types of files you are allowed to export into, depending on what type of data you want to export. E.g. protein sequences can be exported into GenBank, Fasta, Swiss-Prot and CLC-formats.