View settings for the Side Panel

The Side Panel is shown to the right of all views that are opened in CLC Genomics Workbench. By using the settings in the Side Panel you can specify how the layout and contents of the view. Figure 4.8 is an example of the Side Panel of a sequence view.

Image sequenceviewpreferences-genomics
Figure 4.8: The Side Panel of a sequence contains several groups: Sequence layout, Annotation types, Annotation layout, etc. Several of these groups are present in more views. E.g. Sequence layout is also in the Side Panel of alignment views.

By clicking the black triangles or the corresponding headings, the groups can be expanded or collapsed. An example is shown in figure 4.9 where the Sequence layout is expanded.

Image opensequenceviewpreferences-genomics
Figure 4.9: The Sequence layout is expanded.

The content of the groups is described in the sections where the functionality is explained. E.g. Sequence Layout for sequences is described in Sequence layout in Side Panel.

When you have adjusted a view of e.g. a sequence, your settings in the Side Panel can be saved. When you open other sequences, which you want to display in a similar way, the saved settings can be applied. The options for saving and applying are available in the top of the Side Panel (see figure 4.10).

Image topviewpreferences-genomics
Figure 4.10: At the top of the Side Panel you can: Expand all groups, Collapse all preferences, Dock/Undock preferences, Help, and Save/Restore preferences.

To save and apply the saved settings, click (Image saverestoreprefs) seen in figure 4.10. This opens a menu, where the following options are available:

Image savesettingsdialog
Figure 4.11: The save settings dialog.

Image applysavedsettings
Figure 4.12: Applying saved settings.

The settings are specific to the type of view. Hence, when you save settings of a circular view, they will not be available if you open the sequence in a linear view.

If you wish to export the settings that you have saved, this can be done in the Preferences dialog under the View tab (see Import and export Side Panel settings).

The remaining icons of figure 4.10 are used to; Expand all groups, Collapse all groups, and Dock/Undock Side Panel. Dock/Undock Side Panel is to make the Side Panel "floating" (see Floating Side Panel).