Installing plug-ins

Plug-ins are installed using the plug-in manager1.2:

        Help in the Menu Bar | Plug-ins and Resources... (Image install_plugin)

   or  Plug-ins (Image install_plugin) in the Toolbar

The plug-in manager has four tabs at the top:

To install a plug-in, click the Download Plug-ins tab. This will display an overview of the plug-ins that are available for download and installation (see figure 1.24).

Image plug-indialogfirst_web
Figure 1.24: The plug-ins that are available for download.

Clicking a plug-in will display additional information at the right side of the dialog. This will also display a button: Download and Install.

Click the plug-in and press Download and Install. A dialog displaying progress is now shown, and the plug-in is downloaded and installed.

If the plug-in is not shown on the server, and you have it on your computer (e.g. if you have downloaded it from our web-site), you can install it by clicking the Install from File button at the bottom of the dialog. This will open a dialog where you can browse for the plug-in. The plug-in file should be a file of the type ".cpa".

When you close the dialog, you will be asked whether you wish to restart the CLC Genomics Workbench. The plug-in will not be ready for use before you have restarted.


... manager1.2
In order to install plug-ins on Windows Vista, the Workbench must be run in administrator mode: Right-click the program shortcut and choose "Run as Administrator". Then follow the procedure described below.