Tree View Preferences

The Tree View preferences are these:

Note! Dragging in a tree will change it. You are therefore asked if you want to save this tree when the Tree View is closed.

You may select part of a Tree by clicking on the nodes that you want to select.

Right-click a selected node opens a menu with the following options:

You can also relocate leaves and branches in a tree or change the length. It is possible to modify the text on the unit measurement at the bottom of the tree view by right-clicking the text. In this way you can specify a unit, e.g. "years".

Branch lengths are given in terms of expected numbers of substitutions per site.

Note! To drag branches of a tree, you must first click the node one time, and then click the node again, and this time hold the mouse button.

In order to change the representation:

Alter the preferences in the Side Panel for changing the presentation of the tree.