Protein report

CLC Genomics Workbench is able to produce protein reports, that allow you to easily generate different kinds of information regarding a protein.

Actually a protein report is a collection of some of the protein analyses which are described elsewhere in this help function.

To create a protein report do the following:

        Right-click protein in Navigation Area | Toolbox | Classical Sequence Analysis (Image gene_and_protein_analysis) | Protein Analysis (Image proteinanalyses)| Create Protein Report (Image proteinreport)

This opens dialog Step 1, where you can choose which proteins to create a report for. When the correct one is chosen, click Next.

In dialog Step 2 you can choose which analyses you want to include in the report. The following list shows which analyses are available and explains where to find more details.

When you have selected the relevant analyses, click Next. Step 3 to Step 7 (if you select all the analyses in Step 2) are adjustments of parameters for the different analyses. The parameters are mentioned briefly in relation to the following steps, and you can turn to the relevant chapters or sections (mentioned above) to learn more about the significance of the parameters.

In Step 3 you can adjust parameters for sequence statistics:

In Step 4 you can adjust parameters for hydrophobicity plots:

In Step 5 you can adjust a parameter for complexity plots:

In Step 6 you can adjust parameters for dot plots:

In Step 7 you can adjust parameters for BLAST search: