Adding workflow elements

First, click the Add Element (Image add_plus) button at the top. This will bring up a dialog listing the elements and tools that can be added to a workflow (see figure 9.1).

Image workflow_add_elements
Figure 9.1: Adding elements in the workflow.

Most of these are tools from the Toolbox that can be used in the workflow. However, there are two special elements for input and output that will be explained in Input and output.

You can select more elements in the Workflow by pressing Ctrl (Image command_key_web on Mac) while selecting. Click OK when you have selected the relevant tools (you can always add more later).

You will now see each element represented in the editor (see figure 9.2).

Image workflow_two_elements
Figure 9.2: Read mapping and variant calling added to the workflow.

Once added, you can move and re-arrange the elements by dragging with the mouse (grab the box with the name of the element).