Uninstalling plug-ins

Plug-ins are uninstalled using the plug-in manager:

        Help in the Menu Bar | Plug-ins and Resources... (Image install_plugin)

   or  Plug-ins (Image install_plugin) in the Toolbar

This will open the dialog shown in figure 1.25.

Image plug-indialogwithinstalled_web
Figure 1.25: The plug-in manager with plug-ins installed.

The installed plug-ins are shown in this dialog. To uninstall:

        Click the plug-in | Uninstall

If you do not wish to completely uninstall the plug-in but you don't want it to be used next time you start the Workbench, click the Disable button.

When you close the dialog, you will be asked whether you wish to restart the workbench. The plug-in will not be uninstalled before the workbench is restarted.