Overview BLAST table

In the overview BLAST table for a multi-sequence blast search, as shown in figure 12.9, there is one row for each query sequence. Each row represents the BLAST result for this query sequence.

Image overviewblasttable
Figure 12.9: An overview BLAST table summarizing the results for a number of query sequences.

Double-clicking a row will open the BLAST result for this query sequence, allowing more detailed investigation of the result. You can also select one or more rows and click the Open BLAST Output button at the bottom of the view. Clicking the Open Query Sequence will open a sequence list with the selected query sequences. This can be useful in work flows where BLAST is used as a filtering mechanism where you can filter the table to include e.g. sequences that have a certain top hit and then extract those.

In the overview table, the following information is shown:

If you wish to save some of the BLAST results as individual elements in the Navigation Area, open them and click Save As in the File menu.