Reverse translation parameters

Figure 16.22 shows the choices for making the translation.

Image reversetranslation_setparameters
Figure 16.22: Choosing parameters for the reverse translation.

The Codon Frequency Table is used to determine the frequencies of the codons. Select a frequency table from the list that fits the organism you are working with. A translation table of an organism is created on the basis of counting all the codons in the coding sequences. Every codon in a Codon Frequency Table has its own count, frequency (per thousand) and fraction which are calculated in accordance with the occurrences of the codon in the organism. You can customize the list of codon frequency tables for your installation, see Custom codon frequency tables.

Click Next if you wish to adjust how to handle the results. If not, click Finish. The newly creatednucleotide sequence is shown, and if the analysis was performed on several protein sequences, there will be a corresponding number of views of nucleotide sequences. The new sequence is not saved automatically. To save the sequence, drag it into the Navigation Area or press Ctrl + S (Image command_key_web + S on Mac) to show the save dialog.