Taxonomic Profiling abundance table

The Taxonomic profiling abundance table lists the taxa identified in your sample. To go beyond single sample view, use the Merge Abundance Tables tool to create a multi-sample abundance table (Merge Abundance Tables). Some of the options mentioned below are relevant for such multi-sample abundance tables only.

The abundance table can be vizualized in Table view (Image table_16_n_p), Stacked Visualization view (Image stacked_bargraph_16_n_p), and Sunburst view (Image sunburst_16_n_p).

Table view (Image table_16_n_p)

The table displays a number of columns, some of which are available only when the table is not aggregated by taxonomy (figure 5.10):

Image abundancetaxtable
Figure 5.10: Taxonomic profiling abundance table.

The Side panel offers the following settings:

Below the table, the following actions are available:

Stacked Visualization view (Image stacked_bargraph_16_n_p)

The Stacked Vizualization view displays the relative abundance of each feature. Use the Side panel setting Bar type to switch between Bar Chart (figure 5.11) and Area Chart (figure 5.12). Different colored bars or areas represent different features. A column represents a sample or - if aggregated by sample level - a group of samples.

Hold your pointer over an area to have the full taxonomy and abundance value displayed in a tooltip.

Image taxpro_stackedbar
Figure 5.11: Stacked bar chart.

Image taxpro_stackedarea
Figure 5.12: Stacked area chart.

You can adjusted the view further via the Side panel settings. Selected options are:

Sunburst view (Image sunburst_16_n_p)

The plot is zoomable. Click on a section to zoom in and render the plot with this section at the center. Click on the center of the plot to zoom out one level at a time.

Hold your pointer over the plot to have the legend reflect the highlighted section (figure 5.13).

Use the Side panel settings to adjust the plot:

Image taxpro_sunburst1
Figure 5.13: Sunburst view.