Detect Amplicon Sequence Variants output

Click Next to select the output (figure 4.14).

Image detect_asv_output
Figure 4.14: Detect Amplicon Sequence Variants output options

In addition to an ASV abundance table, the following outputs are available:

The ASV report

Image detect_asv_report
Figure 4.15: First sections of the Detect Amplicon Sequence Variants report

The ASV abundance table

The ASV abundance table contains the detected amplicon sequence variants (ASVs) and the abundance of each ASV. The Detect Amplicon Sequence Variants tool produces one ASV abundance table per sample. To go beyond single sample ASVs, you can combine tables and enrich them with metadata using the following tools:

In the following, we focus on the single sample ASV abundance table, but include a few hints about additional features and options that could be of use for merged ASV abundance tables, ASV abundance tables with sample metadata, and ASV abundance tables with assigned taxonomies.

There are a number of ways to visualize the ASV abundance table: