Create DIAMOND Index

This tool will compute a DIAMOND index from a protein database. These indexes can then be used as input to the Annotate CDS with Best DIAMOND Hit tool (see section Annotate CDS with Best DIAMOND Hit) and Annotate with DIAMOND tool (see section Annotate with DIAMOND).

If the input sequences contain metadata, such as GO-terms, these will be transferred to the created index.

To run the tool, go to:

        Toolbox | Microbial Genomics Module (Image mgm_folder_closed_flat_16_h_p) | Databases (Image databases_folder_closed_16_n_p) | Functional Analysis (Image functional_analysis_folder_closed_16_n_p) | Create DIAMOND Index (Image create_diamond_index_16_n_p)

In the first dialog, select a protein database downloaded with the Download Protein Database tool (figure 16.6).

Image diamonindex
Figure 16.8: Select a protein database.

The output is an index file as seen in figure 16.7.

Image diamonindex1
Figure 16.9: The protein database and its index as seen in the Navigation Area.

The default view for the DIAMOND index is a tabular overview of the sequence entries and their associated metadata, such as GO-terms (see figure 16.8).

Image diamondindexview
Figure 16.10: The default view for the DIAMOND index element.