Zoom in

There are six ways of zooming in:

        Click Zoom in mode (Image zoom_in) in the zoom tools (or press Ctrl+2) | click the location in the view that you want to zoom in on.

   or  Click Zoom in mode (Image zoom_in) in the zoom tools | click-and-drag a box around a part of the view | the view now zooms in on the part you selected

   or  Press '+' on your keyboard

   or  Move the zoom slider located in the zoom tools

   or  Click the plus icon in the zoom tools

The last option for zooming in is only available if you have a mouse with a scroll wheel:

   or  Press and hold Ctrl (Image command_key_web on Mac) | Move the scroll wheel on your mouse forward

Note! You might have to click in the view before you can use the keyboard or the scroll wheel to zoom.

If you press the Shift button on your keyboard while in zoom mode, the zoom function is reversed.

If you want to zoom in to 100 % to see the data at base level, click the Zoom to base level (Image 100percent) icon.