Select genes by name

The name filter allows you to use a list of names as input to create a new track only with these names. This is useful if you wish to filter your variants so that only those within certain genes are reported.

        Toolbox | Identify Candidate Genes (Image identify_candidate_genes_closed_16_h_p) | Select Genes By Name (Image gg_filter_name)

Select the track you wish to filter and click Next.

Image filter_on_names_step2-biomedical
Figure 28.6: Specify names for filtering.

As shown in figure 28.6, you can specify a list of annotation names. Each name should be on a separate line.

In the bottom part of the wizard you can choose whether you wish to keep the annotations that are found, or whether you wish to exclude them. In the use case described above a track was created with only those annotations being kept that matched the specified names. Sometimes the other option may be useful, for example if you wish to screen certain categories of genes from the analysis (for example excluding all cancer genes to reduce the risk of coincidental findings when analyzing patient samples).