Automatic update of workflow elements

Tools included in a workflow are versioned. They will initially be the same version as is present in the software being used to design the workflow. If one or more tools included in a workflow are updated, through upgrading a Workbench or plugins, the workflow must also be updated. The need to update a workflow is indicated by the message "Your workflow and the workflow elements must be updated to run on the newest version.", which will be shown:

If a workflow needs to be updated, it must be updated before it can be used.

Please note that:

Updating installed workflows

To update an installed workflow:

Image manage_workflows_migrate
Figure 9.45: A message is shown indicating that a workflow needs to be updated. Clicking on that workflow selects it, and a button labeled "Update" will be visible.

To update a workflow you must have permission to write to the area the workflow is stored in. For workflows you installed directly, you will normally be able to do this when running the Workbench as you usually do. To update workflows distributed via plugins, it will usually mean running the Workbench as an administrative user.

Updating workflows in the Navigation Area

If a workflow stored in a CLC Data Location needs to be updated, this will become apparent when it is opened from the Navigation Area of the Workbench. In this case, an editor appears that lists the tools that need to be updated. See figure 9.46. The workflow must be updated before it will be opened in the Workflow editor, and edited or launched.

Click on the "OK" button at the bottom of the editor to update the workflow.

Image workflow_update_available
Figure 9.46: When updates are available, an editor appears with information about which tools should be updated. Press "OK" to update the workflow.