Mark molecule as circular and specify starting point

You can mark a DNA molecule as circular or linear by right-clicking on its name in either the Sequence view or the Circular view. If the sequence is linear, you will see the option to mark it as circular and vice versa (see figure 10.9).

Image circularsigns
Figure 10.9: Double angle brackets marks the start and end of a circular sequence seen in linear view. Below, the Text view of the same sequence shows the mention circular in the first line.

In the Sequence view, a sequence marked as circular is indicated by the use of double angle brackets at the start and end of the sequence. The linear or circular status of a sequence can also be seen in the Locus line of the Text view for a Sequence, or in the Linear column of the Table view of a Sequence List.

The starting point of a circular sequence can be changed by selecting the position of the new starting point and right-clicking on that selection to choose the option Move Starting Point to Selection Start (figure 10.10).

Image circularstart
Figure 10.10: Right-click on a circular sequence to move the starting point to the selected position. .