Add information from COSMIC

To be able to run this tool, you must first download the COSMIC database directly from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute webpage and save it in the Navigation Area. Information about how to download COSMIC data can be found in Import tracks.

To run the Add information from COSMIC tool, go to the toolbox:

        Toolbox | Add Information to Variants (Image add_information_closed_16_n_p) | From Databases (Image add_from_databases_closed_16_h_p)| Add Information from COSMIC (Image add_information_f_cosmic_16_h_p)

This tools adds information from known cancer variants in the COSMIC database to your variants. All you have to do when running this tool is to select the variant track that you want to annotate with information from the COSMIC database and select the COSMIC data that you have downloaded and saved in the Navigation Area.