Introduction to the cloning editor

In the cloning editor, most of the basic options for viewing, selecting and zooming the sequences are the same as for the standard sequence view (View sequences). In particular, this means that annotations can be displayed on the sequences to guide the choice of regions to clone.

However, the cloning editor has a special layout with three distinct areas (in addition to the Side Panel found in other sequence views as well):

The cloning editor can be activated in different ways. One way is to click on the Cloning Editor icon (Image cloning_16_n_p) in the view area when a sequence list has been opened in the sequence list editor. Another way is to create a new cloning experiment (the actual data object will still be a sequence list) using the Cloning (Image cloning_16_n_p) action from the toolbox. Using this action the user collects a set of existing sequences and creates a new sequence list.

The cloning editor can be used in two different ways: