User authentication for the CLC Server

On a single server or master node, log in as an administrative user. When first setting up the CLC Server, use the built-in administrative user, root. The default credentials for this user are provided in Logging into the administrative interface.

Specify the user authentication mechanism to use under:

        Configuration (Image configuration_16) | Authentication (Image authetication_16) | Authentication mechanism

The modes of authentication available are shown in figure 4.2.

If LDAP or Active Directory is selected, a settings panel is revealed, where the details of the integration are entered.

Image userauthentication1
Figure 4.2: Three modes of user authentication are available. Clicking on the Edit Permissions link at the bottom opens up the Permissions tab, where access to the CLC Server and its functionality can be configured.

Irrespective of the authentication mechanism selected, we recommend that the password for a given user is not updated while jobs submitted by that user are running on the CLC Server (including execution nodes). The change in credentials could cause their jobs to fail, for example due to problems saving results. Similarly, removing a user's group membership while jobs are running could cause a problem saving results, depending on the permissions set on the CLC Server File System Location that the results are meant to be written to.