User credentials on a master-job node setup

When initially installed, all instances of the CLC Server will have the default admin user credentials.

If you have a brand new installation, and you are happy to use the default administrative login credentials (see Installation) during initial setup, you do not need to change anything.

Once the CLC Server software on all machines is up and running and the job nodes have been attached to the master, changes to passwords for the built-in authentications system, which includes the default admin user, root, will be pushed from the master to the job nodes. You do not need to manually change the password on each job node.

If you wish to change the default administrative password before attaching the job nodes to the master, then please log into the web administrative interface of each maching running the CLC Server software and setup identical details on each one.

The master node needs access to the job nodes to be able to push configurations to them. Thus, if you change the admin password on the master server and later wish to attach a new job node, you will need to log into the web administrative interface of the job node and set the root password for the CLC Server software to match that of the master server. Until that is done, the master will not be able to communcaate with the job node because the root admin passwords are different. Once the master can communicate with the job node, it can push other configurations to the job node.