Proxy settings

To add proxy settings to the CLC server, you will need to add lines to the server .vmoptions file. This file can be found in the installation area of the CLC server software. The name will reflect the specific product. For example, for the CLC Genomics Server, it would be called CLCGenomicsServer.vmoptions.

The following lines must be added to that file:


where the proxyHost IP address and the proxyPort port number need to be added to complete the top two lines.

For job nodes, the settings described here must be applied to each node that will need to submit jobs that need access to the internet. For the nonProxyHosts values in this case, specify the names or IP addresses/subnets for all job nodes (if applicable with your server configuration) that should not be using the proxy service, if relevant.

For grid node setups, a clcgridworker.vmoptions file must be created in each deployed gridworker area, if such a file does not already exist and the settings described above added. See also section 6.3.10.