AWS Connections in the CLC Server

Access to AWS accounts is configured under:

        Configuration | External data | AWS Connections

Click on the Add AWS Connection button. The following information should be entered in the configuration dialog :

AWS connections are used when:

All traffic to and from AWS is encrypted using a minimum of TLS version 1.2. AWS credentials entered are stored, obfuscated, in the server configuration files.

AWS connections are listed, along with information about their status. These can be edited or deleted. The status is indicated using colors. Green indicates the connection is valid and is ready for use.

Connections to a CLC Genomics Cloud, indicated in the CGC column, require the Cloud Server Plugin to be installed, and access to a CLC Genomics Cloud.

Image server-configure-aws-connection
Figure 7.6: Configure AWS Connections. A green dot in the S3 column indicates a valid connection for accessing S3 buckets. A green dot in the CGC column indicates a valid connection to a CLC Genomics Cloud setup, meaning analyses can be submitted to run on AWS via this CLC Server.

Access to AWS connections can be limited to specified groups using options available under the Global permissions tab in the CLC Server web administrative interface.

Clicking on the Browse S3 locations link opens the relevant tab under Element info. See Browse AWS S3 locations for further details about this.