Changing the tmp directory

The CLC Server often uses a lot of disk space for temporary files. These are files needed during an analysis, and they are deleted when no longer needed. By default, these temporary files are written to your system default temporary directory. Due to the amount of space that can be required for temporary files, it can be useful to specify an alternative, larger, disk area where temporary files created by the CLC Server can be written.

In the server installation directory you will find a file called CLCServer.vmoptions, where CLCServer will be the name of your particular CLC server: CLCGenomicsServer

Open the file in a text editor and add a new line like this: with the path to the new tmp directory. Restart the server for the change to take effect (see how to restart the server in Starting and stopping the server).

We highly recommend that the tmp area is set to a file system local to the server machine. Having tmp set to a file system on a network mounted drive can substantially affect the speed of performance.