Configuring the containerized execution environment

To run containers as external applications, the containerized execution environment must be enabled and configured. This is done under the External applications tab (figure 13.3). The full docker command executed when a containerized external application is launched combines the "docker" command with parameters configured here, followed by the parameters specified in individual external command configurations, as described in External application configurations.

Containerized external applications are only supported on CLC Server systems running on Linux. Currently, we support Docker containers.

Image external_app_containerized_environment
Figure 13.3: The server's container execution environment is configured under the External applications tab.

To enable the execution of containerized external applications, check the Enable containerized execution checkbox.

To configure the CLC Server for executing containers as external applications, expand the Containerized execution environment area (figure 13.3), and:

Note: Environment variables can also be specified for individual external applications, as described in Environment. These are system variables set on the external application process started by the CLC Server.