Setting the amount of memory available for the JVM

When running the CLC Server, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) needs to know how much memory it can use. This depends on the amount of physical memory (RAM) and can thus be different from computer to computer. Therefore, the installer investigates the amount of RAM during installation and sets the amount of memory that the JVM can use.

On Windows and Linux, this value is stored in a property file called ServerType.vmoptions (e.g. CLCGenomicsServer.vmoptions) which contains a text like this:

The number (8192) is the amount of memory in megabytes the CLC Server is allowed to use. This file is located in the installation folder of the CLC Server software.

By default, the value is set to 50% of the available RAM on the system you have installed the software on.

You can manually change the number contained in the relevant line of the vmoptions file for your CLC Server if you wish to raise or lower the amount of RAM allocated to the Java Virtual Machine.