Setting up JMX monitoring

No special configuration is necessary if monitoring will take place locally. However, JMX must be enabled for remote monitoring. This is done by adding a few settings to the server vmoptions file. The relevant .vmoptions file is located in the root of the server installation folder of a single server, or the root of the installation folder of the master server in the case of a node setup (Hereafter this folder will be referred to as CLC_SERVER_BASE).

Enable JMX with no security

Add the following to the .vmoptions file:

Enable JMX with authentication

  1. Add the following to the .vmoptions file, instead of the lines provided in the section above.

  2. Create the access authorization file CLC_SERVER_BASE/conf/jmxremote.access and write the following in it:
    monitorRole readonly
    controlRole readwrite

  3. Create the password file CLC_SERVER_BASE/conf/jmxremote.password and write the following in it:
    monitorRole clcserver
    controlRole clcserver

Further information about setting up JMX monitoring can be found in the Oracle guide on Monitoring and Management Using JMX Technology