Overview: Model I

A CLC Server job node setup involves a master node and one or more job nodes. The master node manages incoming jobs, including placing tasks in the queue, while the job nodes execute the jobs. Each job node is expected to be dedicated to running the CLC Server software. A more detailed overview is given in Introduction to servers setup.

The general steps for setting up this model are:

  1. Install the CLC Server software on all the machines involved. (See Installation.)

  2. Install the license on the machine that will act as the master node. (See Downloading a License.)

  3. Start up the CLC Server software on the master server. Then start up the software on the job nodes. (See Starting and Stopping the Server.)

  4. Log in to the web interface of the CLC Server master node as a user with administrative rights. (See Logging into the administrative interface.)

  5. Configure the master node and attach the job nodes. (See Configuring a job node setup)

    Note that to attach job nodes, you must be logged in as an administrative user that is common to the master node and job node. For newly installed servers, this could be the default, built-in root user with default password. Further details are provided in User credentials on a master-job node setup.

    The master pushes configuration settings to the attached job nodes, including plugins (see Installing Server plugins on job node setups).

The only configuration work done directly on job nodes is: