Overview: Model I

This setup consists of two types of CLC Server instances:

  1. A master node - a machine that accepts jobs from users and then passes them to job nodes for execution.
  2. Job nodes - machines running the CLC Server that accept jobs directly from a master node.

The general steps for setting up this model are:

  1. Install the CLC Server software on all the machines involved. (See Installation.)

  2. Install the license on the machine that will act as the master node. (See Downloading a License.)

  3. Start up the CLC Server software on the master server. Then start up the software on the job nodes. (See Starting and Stopping the Server.)

  4. Log in to the web adminstrative interface for the CLC Server of the master node. (See Installation.)

  5. Configure the master node, attach the job nodes and configure the job nodes via the administrative interface on the master node.

Almost all configuration for the CLC Server cluster is done via the web adminstrative interface for the CLC Server on the master node. This includes the installation of plugins. See Installing Server plugins.

The only work done directly on the machines that will run as job nodes is