Failure strategy

A failure strategy can be defined for each external application. This supports a fail fast strategy, where the external application will fail on a defined trigger, and write defined messages.

Under the Failure strategy tab of an external application, a process result, what should trigger its failure, and the message to post about that failure are configured (figure 13.9).

The types of results that can be included in a failure trigger configuration are:

Where the external process result selected is a result file, the failure trigger is always the non-existence of the result file. For the other three result types, the trigger is defined using Java regular expressions, which are matched against the process result. For std out and std error streams, the expression is matched against each line. In the case of exit codes, the expression is matched against a string representation of the exit code integer value.

Image extapp-failure-strategy-configuration
Figure 13.9: Failure triggers for an external application are configured under the Failure strategy tab.

Other notes about failure strategies and troubleshooting