Direct data transfer from client systems

By default, transfer of data or files local to client software directly to the CLC Server is not allowed (figure 3.6)3.1.

Settings related to direct data transfer are found under the External data area under the Configuration tab. Slick on the "Direct data transfer from client systems" heading.

To enable direct data transfer, the option Files uploaded via Import/Export location must be selected. For this option to be available, at least one import/export directory must be configured (figure 3.7). If permissions are enabled on the selected import/export directory, the relevant groups must be granted write permission to be allowed to transfer data from their client system to the CLC Server directly.

The default setting, "Not allowed", is conservative, and limits certain functionality, including:

Image directdatasettings
Figure 3.6: By default, transfer of data directly by client software to the CLC Server is not allowed. The option allowing such transfers, "Files uploaded via Import/Export location" is disabled if no import/export directory are configured.

Image ddtchooseimportexport
Figure 3.7: Import/export directories can be configured in the External data area. One of these can then be selected when enabling direct data transfer from client software to the CLC Server.


The previous default option, "Files uploaded via temporary file location on server system(s) (legacy)" was removed in CLC Genomics Server 20.0. When upgrading from a earlier version where that option was selected, the new default, "Not allowed" is applied in the updated version.